Tisha B’Av Action to #ClosetheCamps

An attendee of the march holds up a photo of Juan de León Gutierrez, who died in ICE custody on April 30

It’s been about a month since I’ve moved from Texas to the Baltimore area, and this was the first time I have had the opportunity to attend any kind of rally since arriving. The atmosphere up here is definitely different than that of Texas in terms of the migrant justice movement (for obvious reasons) but it’s been a pleasant surprise to see that the passion and desire to see justice for those wrongly incarcerated is no different than in Texas.

Frankly, as someone who has recently been experiencing a lot of frustration and fatigue at the way things seem to be unfolding in politics and the media regarding immigration in this country, this rally was exactly what I needed. Between the speakers who were courageous enough to share their own experiences and pain, to the singing and kaddish that were called out in hopes that the people inside the Howard County Detention would hear, I left this march on this day of communal mourning with a renewed sense of hopefulness and determination.

I think it’s important to realize what a state of tremendous privilege having hope even is. It’s sometimes so easily snatched back by people with the privilege of freedom who can take the time needed for self-care and “turn off” things that may be troublesome to them. Sometimes it makes me feel slightly guilty, but when I come to these things and see the hope and passion with which many are fighting I am truly reminded that it takes a strong village to accomplish true change.

With working at the bus station and doing detention visitation, it’s always been my hope that people inside who have maybe lost hope know that there are others out there who are fighting. Kind people who want nothing more to see families reunited and innocent people freed who want nothing more than to escape terror and violence to seek opportunity. Hopefully those inside could hear our voices.

Light is returning

Even though this is the darkest hour

No one can hold back the dawn

Charles Murphy

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