amanda palmer, 5/17, atl

So to be truly honest, I have no idea how many people will know or even care about this post. Though Amanda Palmer has thousands of Patreon subscribers and a fiercely loyal fanbase, I have never really met another person that was really acquainted with her music. I have been a huge fan since high school many moons ago, and lacking a person to share this experience with has made me a bit protective; Amanda Palmer’s music has been something I have clutched close to my heart in one way or another for 15 years. Amanda’s music is intensely intimate and personal in a way that inspires you to feel like she is sitting beside you and laying bare her innermost thoughts and feelings just for you (which makes it easy to understand her fiercely loyal fanbase). If you have a few minutes, check out her TED Talk to get a taste of what I’m talking about.

For one reason or another, in all these years I’ve never been able to see her or any of her various musical endeavors live. So when the chance came up with the release of her newest album There Will Be No Intermission, I snatched up tickets and booked a flight. A few days before the show, she announced on her Patreon that two wonderful ladies had asked her to officiate their wedding before the Atlanta show and that everyone was invited. It was a beautiful wonderful queer gathering of intimate strangeness.